Why Do I Need Marine Phytoplankton?

Monday 8th July 2013

marine phytoplanktonMarine phytoplanktons are tiny aquatic organisms found within earth’s oceans. They play a vital role in the ecosystem by converting photosynthetic energy and oceanic elements into nutrients and inorganic minerals. There is a dependency upon photosynthetic activity, and have been found to be the leading contribution of oxygen within the earth’s environment. Marine phytoplankton is also reliant on minerals and contains high levels of micronutrients and electrolytes beneficial for human consumption. Studies have shown that Marine phytoplankton absorbs life sustaining components and have relentlessly supported marine life for thousands of years. Because of this natural life sustaining attributes they have been researched for human consumption and contribution to human wellbeing and longevity.

            Many may wonder how marine phytoplankton is an ideal food for human consumption when we already have scientifically proven dietary aids. By adding marine phytoplankton to your diet you’ll receive the nutrients needed to achieve “balance” or “homeostasis”. Vitamins and supplements are manufactured in masses and placed on the shelves of convenience stores to assist individuals in obtaining balance in their diet and nutrition levels. However, the essentials of these supplements are not easily absorbed in a manmade form, and approximately 20% is absorbed and metabolized by the human body. Marine phytoplankton carries all the nutritional requirements in a single package, and because of its natural properties it is easily absorbed by the human digestive system.

There are plenty of degenerative diseases that are consequences of deficient nutrition such as; Canavan, Alzheimer’s disease, and degenerative joint disease. Marine phytoplankton would also prevent nutrient deficiencies such as anemia. Patients suffering from terminal illnesses such as; osteoporosis, cancer, and diabetes have discovered that their symptoms have either slowed or stopped completely by the ingestion of marine phytoplankton. By incorporating marine phytoplankton into their daily diet they discovered their overall wellbeing and quality of life had improved. 

Individuals suffering from obesity have reported that they have achieved weight loss with marine phytoplankton where other weight loss solutions have failed. The reason for this is because their bodies are provided with the essentials and they’re no longer receiving physiological triggers to seek out what they’re lacking in their diet. Having more energy, focus, and productivity are characteristics of a well balanced diet which could be supported by marine phytoplankton without having to focus on other dietary intakes.

Marine phytoplankton is a “complete” food. It promotes and maintains optimum health and wellness because of the balance in nutritional attributes that it carries both preventative and therapeutic properties. People who are looking to increase longevity, better their health, and focus on their nutrition are ideal candidates to try marine phytoplankton.
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