Alkalize your water  and remove chlorine taste easily with a couple of drops. Putting Real Water Concentrate Drops into your glass of water, juice or tea makes it the only alkalized antioxidant drink with stabilized negative ions on the planet. It stays stabilized unlike other alkalizers, which loses potency after a while. You will taste and feel the difference!

Real Water Concentrate
alkalize your water easily, improve the taste

Real Water Concentrate 's E2 technologychanges the water to a minus (-) charge giving the water millions of excess free electrons. This breaks up the clumps and actually produces an antioxidant effect. Now the cell's aquasporins easily absorb the Real Water Concentrate treated water to hydrate the cells and flush out harmful toxins. Real Water Concentrate comes in a 4 ounce blue glass bottle with dropper.

Recommended dosage: Add 1 ml. (1/2 dropper) of Concentrate to each 8 ounce of water, juice or tea you drink.

Did you know that most of the water you drink every day may actually be damaging your health. And it’s not just plain water, how about juice, tea, coffee, soda? You see, nearly everything we drink has water as its’ foundation. And, this also includes you! Your body is over 70% water. So doesn’t it make sense, that you drink water and use water based products that help improve your health instead of harm it? Of course it does.

Here’s the situation. Most water and water-based products we drink and use have two very common problems. First, the water has been damaged. Before it gets to you, it has traveled through pipes, filtration devices, and various systems. During these travels, it has been stripped of electrons (-). The result is water that is positive (+) ionized. Second, the water is very acidic.

Through a proprietary process called the Electron Energized or E2 technology, we can maintain and stabilize the negative (-) Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). The Real Water with E2 is slightly alkaline which helps your body move towards a more alkalized and healthful state.

Problems with drinking water from your faucet:

water fluoridation infographic

The next problem with most water is that it has been stripped of valuable electrons during filtration, purification and generally moving through pipes. This results in water molecules competing for remaining electrons and clumping together. These molecules now have a positive charge and can be measured by an Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) meter. These positively charged water molecules (positively ionized) are actually free radicals that want to steal electrons from healthy cells. This is called oxidation and causes cellular damage and premature aging. Besides causing free radical damage, positive ionized water molecules are rejected by our cell’s aquaporins. Aquaporins are little channels that transport water and nutrients through the cell wall. They let good water in, and keep bad water out.

Since the aquaporins are very selective, you could be drinking a lot of water, but not really hydrating on a cellular level. When a water molecule is positively charged and clumped, the aquaporin rejects it. It won’t let it in, and for a good reason! The cell doesn’t want a free radical running around inside causing damage or even killing the cell. Real Water with E2 technology corrects these deficiencies. Through a proprietary process, The Real Water is alkalized (without adding chemicals) and electron energized. By replacing the missing electrons, the water molecules unclump so they can be absorbed on a cellular level.

The aquaporins let the E2 water right in. What’s more, the extra electrons act as an antioxidant neutralizing damaging free radicals in the body. Since The Real Water is hydrating your body so well on a cellular level, the cells can now release harmful toxins that have been stored for a long time because of previous lack of cellular hydration. Once all those toxins are out of your body, you will have a new sense of well being! Save Money and use E2 Stabilized Real Water Concentrate to change your water's foundation and feel great!


A few months ago, I was having some major issues with my body filling up with acid. I literally felt like I was dying. I had been caring for my dad while he was dying of cancer while neglecting my own health. I was trying everything from baking soda water to lemon water, to stomach medicine with no relief. My cousin suggested REAL Water, she told me that her friend swears by it. I tried it out of desperation even though wary, and now, I too swear by it. I started feeling better and used that boost to begin to alter my entire lifestyle. I have begun juicing and yoga; and am focusing on keeping my body alkalized. I always make sure that I have some of this concentrate on hand.


Who cares about the chlorine taste. I am concerned about alkalizing and placing a negative ionic charge to my water for hydration and antioxidants! GREAT PRODUCT!!!


Recently we were on a business trip to a large city, staying in a hotel. We had taken our real water with us on this trip and was glad that we had. As with most hotels the water out of the faucet tasted horrible.

I took an empty 24 ounce water bottle and added water from the faucet and 2 dropersful of Real Water Concentrate & stirred. When we tasted the water, we realized that the water then tasted great, no more chlorine taste.

We will always take our Real Water with us on trips!

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Real Water Concentrate

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